Alan Freedman MD

Reconstructive Hand Surgery

  • Flexor tendon reconstruction
  • Metacarpal bone fractures
  • Phalangeal (finger) fractures

Skin lesions

  • Pigmented lesions
    • Benign nevi ("moles")
    • Melanomas (cancerous)
  • Nonpigmented skin cancers
    • Basal cell carcinomas
    • Squamous cell carcinomas

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Cases

Click on a category below for examples of cases I have performed on my patients.  These are published here for illustrative and educational purposes and will help

orient you to different categories of Plastic Surgery procedures.

Clinical Cases

[in progress]

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Cases

  • Mohs reconstruction (after Mohs dermatologic resection)
  • Breast reconstruction
  •    Implant reconstruction
  •    Natural tissue reconstruction
  • Facial bone fractures